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Sauna Mocy

Business mobile sauna

Do you have a mobile sauna and need help in its promotion? Or maybe you want to buy a mobile sauna, but you don’t know where to start, what to watch out for?

We are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and sauna. We offer 2 mobile saunas, we live near Zegrzyński Lake in the Radzymin commune. We are developing our fleet and offer, so if you see potential for joint activities, write to us!

We are happy to talk about cooperation, we are open to ideas – even crazy ones! The „sauna business” tab is your help in starting earning on Mobile Saunas!

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sauna mobilna zegrze

Sauna business - we run it step by step

Whether you want to buy a mobile sauna for your own use or for rent, there are a few important steps to keep in mind. If you want, we will help you with the whole process free of charge.

Mobile Sauna selection

There are already several companies on the market offering the construction of a mobile sauna. Unfortunately, these are not always companies that have experience in building a mobile sauna specifically. It may also happen that the company whose services you want to use is located far away. It’s a bit of a waste of those kilometers and time to check whether it is the final contractor of your sauna. If you are already far past this stage. We tracked over a dozen offers on the market, we searched for the perfect one in terms of price, production time and quality, and we have a company that we recommend 100%!

We mediate in the construction of mobile saunas. As a company, you can also invest in mobile saunas. You invest in mobile saunas, we build and rent mobile saunas for you.

Mobile Sauna provision

It is not as simple as it might seem. We lost about 107 euro and a few days by wandering in this topic ourselves … why? Because not every car can carry a mobile sauna, because the official misled us during registration and we de facto made it again…

If you want help in this matter, write to us and we will provide you with specific and reliable information, thanks to which you will save time and money.

Insurance, contracts, etc

How to prepare regulations and a contract for the benefit of both parties? What else do I need to get started? Leave it to us.

I have a mobile sauna, now what?

If you need to start a sauna business, you are in the right place! We are business practitioners, we have agency experience and, in a word, we know how to market! Write to us if you need help in advertising a mobile sauna.

How can we help?

  • website/shop
  • cooperation with hotels
  • seo / google search
  • social media
  • video, photos
  • organization of events

In addition, we have prepared for our Sauna Business Customers: a list of local facilities, ready-made offers for shipping, articles for publication, the most interesting stock photos, as well as advertising space on our website, which is ranked 1st in Google for the keyword „sauny mazowieckie”

If you already run a sauna business but you don’t have time to deal with it – join the Sauna Mocy brand. We will take care of renting your mobile sauna.